Mother's Day special version

"Furusato 故郷"

Music&Lyric by SEN


Calling you  Calling you  Calling you

One sunny day my heart traveled across the sea to the city I long to see again

I am coming home where the sunset goes to the sea

This is where you will always be


Mother is my home 

Mother is who gave a life

​Mother is who I will return to

Thank you very much to mothers


Special thank to Michael & Hitomi( Filming)

Japanese version of “Song to the Moon” Opera from Act I of “ Rusalka” by Antonin Dvorak in 1901.



"Moon Song "月のうた"

Lyric by SEN


月よどうぞ伝えてね 愛は今も生きる








Moon, please tell him I still love him

Please don't forget me even if we are far apart

I want you to hold me even for just a little moment

Moon, please illuminate my beloved one: there is still love!

Moon, please illuminate my beloved one and tell him who is waiting for him

Cover & Photo By Hitomi

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