Madam Sen - 大輪の花 (Tairin no Hana) "The  Magnificent Flower"--  from the debut album Kachoufugetsu. Rel. 4/3/2021 worldwide!


Music / Lyric by Madam Sen @geishaoperasinger
Music by Joey Carbone
Produced / Arranged by Simone Sello / Usagi Ya studio
Edited / Animation / VFX by Arturo Zuniga / BLC Studio @artzun
Illustration by Lê Phương Mai @lpma.i

Mother's Day special version

"Furusato 故郷"

Music & Lyric by Madam Sen


Calling you  Calling you  Calling you

One sunny day my heart traveled across the sea to the city I long to see again

I am coming home where the sunset goes to the sea

This is where you will always be


Mother is my home 

Mother is who gave a life

​Mother is who I will return to

Thank you very much to all mothers


 Michael & Hitomi (Video)