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Opera , Classical Music,  Art Songs, Hymn, Church Music

Congratulation to Mrs. Bride and Mr. Groom!


We are so happy for both of you!

Selecting musicians and songs are a very important aspect of your wedding both in the ceremony and the reception. Music can really set up the mood of your event.

When you decide you'd like to have classical music you've made a right choice! Classical music adds marvelous and treasured moments that make your wedding so special.

 If you are interested collaboration entertainment we can accommodate any musicians such as Harpist, Violinist and Pianist more. Also those beautiful dancers and Japanese Taiko drummers. 


Communications is very essential key. We work closely with our brides and grooms to select and recommend beautiful classical songs that will make unforgettable moments, not only for the couple, but also for your family and friends. Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, and we will give you a royal treatment to make your wedding perfect. It is music of love that we'd like to provide you. Please tell us your plans and your fantastic ideas!

Five gorgeous songs for your wedding ceremony:


1. 'O Mio Babbino Caro' by Puccini




People's beloved wedding song is 'Oh Mio Babbino Caro' by Giacomo Puccini from the opera "Gianni Schicchi". It is a passionate song sung by a young woman who deeply desires to marry her love. The song expresses a love that is pure amidst the surroundings of pettiness and feuds.  It's a beautiful example of how strong a love can be.

2. 'Ave Maria' by Schubert




With so many beautiful wedding songs it is hard to select just one! Schubert’s 'Ave Maria' is definitely a favourite. The song’s elegant simplicity is a joy to listen and it is so fitting for a traditional wedding. 

3. 'Time to Say Goodbye' by Francesco Sartori (music) and Lucio Quarantotto (lyrics)

The meaning of the original Italian title," Con Te Partirò ", is closer to "I will go with you on our new journey” rather than “ Time to say goodbye.” It is a wonderful selection for your wedding because of its gorgeous melody and classical crossover feel.

4. 'Deh Vieni, Non Tardar' by Mozart 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera, "Le Nozze di Figaro" features a strong, memorable female character named Susanna who sings the guileless love song before her wedding.

5. 'Love Me Tender' by Kenneth Lorin Darby

Have you ever listened to the classical style of "Love Me Tender"? It is  simply beautiful! 

"Love Me Tender" is a 1956 song made famous by Elvis Presley. It is one of the most famous American love songs.

Cultural Entertainment

Japanese Opera , Ballad,  Asian Folk Music, Trance and Dance Music

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.19.29

Hannari🌸 花なり

The Japanese traditional dance event from the Tendou Ryu traditional dance group, Shiho Siegert. Collaboration with Taiko drum, Kagura dance, Opera and flamenco guitar.


Estate of Zen | 9127 Thrasher Avenue


Promotional recording with KotoU

The Apogee Studio at Santa Monica CA

Corporation & Private Events

Opera, Classical Music, Art Song, American Folk and Pop Song


 The special event "Winter Japanese songs & Opera night", sponsored by Nibei Foundation.


More Info about Nibei Foundation

Opera and Ice skating collaboration


Inga Rodionova is such a magnificent pair skater who competed internationally for Azerbaijan. With partner, she placed 18th at the 1998 Winter Olympics.she competed internationally for two seasons, placing as high as 8th at the European Figure Skating Championships.


More Info about Inga Rodionova


Private Birthday Party 

Private Birthday Party Performance at Sakura ICF LA with Harpist, Miriam Suzuki

Classical Music Recital & Holiday Performance

Opera, Classical Music, Art Song, American Folk and Pop Song, Christmas Songs


Opera Recital

Opera en Castellano


Christmas Eve Servies

Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente


​For you or your precious one, classical music at your Birthday party will contribute to a very special and gorgeous time! 


Classical music for your Welcome party, Retirement party, Christmas party, 

New Years Eve party,etc. 


Classical music for Festivals, Art Shows, Recitals and all kind of Events!

Whether in a restaurant, outdoors, in a ballroom or in a private home!

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